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Age range: 18-45

Price range: $$$-$$$$

Ugg Australia is undoubtedly one of the most iconic brands to have hit our streets in the last 10 years. A symbol of casual luxury, this juxtaposed style ethos has enabled the Ugg brand to become a worldwide sensation and a firm favourite in our hearts. Inspiration hit Brian Smith, founder, during his time in Australia’s Byron Bay. Surfers, looking for some warmth between sessions, would often fashion ¬†footwear from the abundance of sheepskin in the area. Hitting California, Smith quickly translated his Ugg boot ideas and set up shop, taking the relaxed Cali dwellers by storm. Ugg was swept up in a storm of love and popularity. In the 2000s, changing lifestyles and empowerment meant people were craving individual, casual but still stylish pieces; Ugg rapidly became a firm favourite among the masses. Having broken New York, the Ugg phenomena was undoubtedly on its way to world domination…

Ugg Australia

Translating the relaxed active lifestyle into high-end luxury footwear is an amazing feat – props to you, Ugg! And boy have they made some seriously comfy shoes along the way. Catering to men and women with a range of fabulously soft and cosy footwear and expanding to cover accessories such as bags, gloves and hats, you can stay snug and stylish in this range of dreamy sheepskin fashion!

Ugg Australia Bailey Button

All starting with the classic Ugg Bailey Button boot for both men and women, the signature silhouette has remained fashion forward and relaxed over the years it has prospered. Further to this, the original has inspired many new designs from the brand such as slippers, pumps and deck shoes. We can personally vouch for the slippers but are pretty damn sure every piece of Ugg footwear will be equally on trend and comfortable- a winning combination, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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