Ted Baker


Ted Baker LogoAge range: 18-35

Price range:  $$$$


This designer needs no introduction; under the tag line “no ordinary designer label”, Ted Baker has become a worldwide sensation. Sporting quirky designs and signature styles which are instantly recognisable, the brand has undoubtedly marked itself out as anything but an ordinary designer label. Starting as a shirt specialist in the late 80’s, Ted Baker became infamous as THE place to buy some of the very best contemporary men’s shirting. With a clear, unswerving focus on quality and attention to detail along with a quirky sense of humour, it’s clear to see that Ted’s personality is woven into each piece of clothing. Expanding from that bespoke shirt shop, Ted Baker is now a household name; with expanding collections of menswear, womenswear, accessories and shoes, it is clear that throughout the move from specialist fashion to international designer label, Ted Baker have never lost their heart.

Ted Baker

The originality of Ted Baker keeps its customers interest piqued; wearing a signature Ted Baker dress that has all the flowy romance of a Grecian Goddess or a classic Ted Baker shirt cut perfectly to fit under any suit, lends people the ability to luxuriate in their fashion. Using only word of mouth and out of the ordinary marketing schemes- such as giving out Paxo stuffing at christmas- they remain one of the ONLY brands to build an International reputation for themselves without an advertising campaign. The quirky, cool collection to be found in Ted Baker means that you will stand out from the crowd no matter whether you’re rocking a Peter Pan collar blouse or perfectly tailored suit. Choose Ted Baker to look slick, contemporary and part of the ever moving trends.

Ted Baker dresses

Ted Baker manages to keep in line with current fashion trends, whilst remaining true to their creator and his sense of humour, which is apparent in every detail of the fabric. Dresses are always on trend yet classic, often with unexpected details. A simple shift is notched up a style level with a vibrant oil print; tunic shapes feature unexpected gathers and knots in the fabric. This brand is the one to shop to feel effortlessly styled by one of the best, to luxuriate in the perfectly tailored fits and the best materials around. The price tag is well worth it as these are definitely investment pieces which will soon become irreplaceable- there’s always room for a Ted Baker item in everyone’s closet!

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