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Age Range: 25+

Price Range: $$$


The Savile Row Company is one of the world’s finest tailors. Situated in London’s Savile Row, and bearing the street’s famous name- it lives up to expectations. Savile Row is a street in Mayfair that is principally known for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men; customers have included Lord Nelson, Winston Churchill and Jude Law- to name but a few. The Savile Row Company have been tailoring fine shirts here since 1938, and show no signs of slowing down- focussed on luxury menswear but still spanning out to accessories, footwear and womenswear, this brand is truly living up to it’s namesake…

Savile Row Company

Savile Row Company suit

The Savile Row Company embodies the ethos of having genuine luxury clothing at affordable prices. Aimed at discerning gentleman the world over, the brand offer great tailoring and fine craftsmanship within a reasonable price bracket. Whether you’re looking for a suit for work, evening or weekend wear, you’ll find a wide selection from more quirky herringbone patterns to classic matte black looks. With shirts in four different fits, you’re sure to find the perfect match for any outfit, from casusal fit to slim fit; you will always be looking the part. A large range of casual wear embodies the heart of Savile Row’s finest tailor, from classic polos to chinos in every colour in the rainbow- there isn’t much you can’t get from this brand! For women, there isn’t a huge selection yet, but it is growing- based on the pieces available to date, we’re looking forward to seeing what’s to come! With perfectly fitted shirts, cute mac trench coats and sweet nightwear, there’s alot of anticipation for the growing womenswear selection…

If you would like the best fitting suit with a label associated with British history and royalty, look no further than Savile Row Company. Shop now at and we’ll help you figure out how to style up your look and provide awesome recommendations to create the perfect look, whatever your style.