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Age Range: 18+

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Lyle and Scott- the famous Scottish knitwear brand that never goes out of style. Established way back in 1874 by William Lyle and Walter Scott in a wee hidden town called Hawick in the Scottish borders, this brand shot through the decades gaining popularity and acclaim- whilst still being fashionable and ever present today! Slowly becoming more and more sought after throughout the years, Lyle and Scott really made a hit in the 1950s when they collaborated with Christian Dior to produce joint branded cashmere- this caused them to become an international fashion sensation overnight! Not happy with just one major fashion collab, they went on to join up with many fashion houses such as Chanel, YSL, Liberty, Bergdorf Goodman and Michael Kors- this Scottish brand had truly made its mark on the fashion world!

Lyle and Scott

Lyle and Scott’s golf range is probably its most well-known. Launched in the 60s to create fashionable and innovative athletic technology, it became one of the most renowned golfing apparel brands and was worn by some of the greats like Lee Westwood and Greg Norman. During the 80s Lyle and Scott acquired a youthful, more fashionable following- this evolution of style for the fashion focused individual transferred seamlessly into the noughties. Here, Lyle and Scott was seen on many in the indie pop scene such as Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys and Bloc Party. The lowly Scottish brand had undoubtedly conquered all corners of fashion with their iconic knits and impenetrable style.

Lyle and Scott Classic, Contemporary and Golf Collections

With three distinct collections, Lyle and Scott cover all fashion bases. Their Classic collection, which is timeless with a strong brand presence, provides high quality basics from iconic polo-shirts to weatherproof jackets. The Lyle and Scott Contemporary collection is more trend led and created for the fashion conscious whilst still keeping the brand at it’s heart- with eclectic prints and jazzy jackets, you’ll definitely be able to keep on top of the latest styles! Last but far from least is the Lyle and Scott Golf collection, which fuses athletic performance with technical features. Both men and women can own a piece of classic knitwear or branch out to some more funky fashion pieces whilst still being ensured of the same quality workmanship.

Is Lyle and Scott the brand for you? Do you need a bit of iconic Scottish knitwear in your life? Or perhaps you just want to jump on the golfing great’s fashion bandwagon of choice? Whatever the reasoning, Lyle and Scott is the place for you. Shop it through and we’ll help you get the best fashion for your money! With the ability to create your own mall with only the brands you love, receive personal style advice and share your shopping experience with all of your friends- what’s not to love?