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Age range: 18-34

Price range: $$-$$$


Lipsy is the young, fun, British fashion brand adored by fashionistas the world over. Aiming to provide luxurious clothes with the main focus on their signature dresses, it brings the every day girl to the limelight of red carpet glamour. Boasting collections from celebrities such as Pixie Lott for Lipsy and having many celebrity followers it is not hard to see why we’re all in love with Lipsy’s fun loving, sexy-girl style.

Pixie Lipsy

Lipsy dresses

Lipsy is perfect for those first dates, nights out with the girls, that sexy dinner in a restaurant you have been dying to go to, and any red-carpet events that may come your way. Lipsy dresses are undeniably sexy and can give any girl that injection of glamour; saying this they also provide us good fun-loving girls with an amazing range of daywear and loungewear- perfect! Who doesn’t like snuggling down in a tracksuit after a long day? With bedazzled trackuits and cute comfy jumpers being the order of the day, we have to admit we have fallen in love with this brand. To top it all off you can finish your outfit off with a pair of Lipsy shoes, which as you would expect are SHAMAZING; what more could a girl ask for?

Loving what you hear? Are you a girl ready for some sexy glamour in your life? Head to to shop the Lipsy range, where we’ll provide completely personalised outfit recommendations from over 200 stores. 750,000 products- just the pieces that suit your style. Go on- join the shopping revolution!