Age Range: 18-50

Price Range: $$$

Joules- the countryside’s answer to wholesome, good value apparel! Tom Joule began selling country clobber at Equestrian and outdoor events across Great Britian more than three decades ago, creating pieces such as polo-shirts, jumpers and gilets- all with that extra bit of pazzaz. From velvet trims to intense colour combinations, these were stand out pieces that brightened up the otherwise dreary fashion competition. One day, Tom realised that the clothing on offer in ye ol’ countryside was not a true reflection of his customer’s personalities. Country folk are colourful people, but their clothing was the exact opposite- picture farmer browns and sludgy green tweeds. So Tom designed 100 bright PINK wellies, which immediately sold like hotcakes- and from this Joules clothing was born! To this day, Joules are still as crazy about colour, dotty about detail and passionate about prints as they were 30 years ago. Continually pulling inspiration from the countryside and all of it’s eccentricities ensures that they never will stop being true to who they are and their brand. If you’re looking for some preppy fashion with an exciting twist- Joules is the place for you! Step forward cool new generation of countryside peeps who want some glam and colour splashed against the gorgeous backdrop of rolling hills!


Joules takes traditional country clothes and funks them up something fierce, creating a whole range bursting full of colours and prints that will give even the sweetest tooth an ache! Their ranges are reminiscent of nostalgic camping trips, picnics on sunny days, cupcakes and fresh air. Incorporating countryside casualness with bright prints creates a comfortable but still fashionable range that’s easy to take from day to night, from walking the dogs to going for a romantic dinner in a candlelight pub by the sea. Both men’s and women’s ranges offer full apparel that can take you to any occasion but still has the Joules stamp of fun and friendliness! Men can pair some funky green cords with a classic shirt and padded jacket to add a pop of colour to a cool look, whilst women can rock  a signature bird print blouse tucked in to some skinny leg pink jeans and add a classic gilet for a bit of glamorous warmth. Joules wellies are also highly iconic- from the first bright pink wellies, the collection has evolved to include lots of fun prints and bright colours. No chance of looking like a stick in the mud in a pair of these…

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