HurleyAge Range: 16-30

Price Range: $$$


Hurley is one of the original surfing brands. Established in California in the late 70s as part of the ever growing surfing industry, Hurley thrived providing boards for the new generation of easy, laid-back sun worshippers. The essence of Hurley is based upon a love of the ocean and it’s constant state of change; it’s synonymous with beach culture and life. Founded by Bob Hurley, the company embraced the idea of facilitating the dreams of youth, with music and art being the common threads of life. With this vibrancy at their core, the brand established Billabong USA, bringing the hot Australian brand to the states. While Billabong flourished throughout the 80s, by the 90s Bob Hurley was starting to see a change in what his customer wanted- developing from a completely surf focused mindset to one more passionate about fashion, skating, snowsports, music and art. This was at odds with the Billabong brand and so Bob set out on his own. By the late 90s the Hurley clothing brand was born, hitting into the hearts of the modern surfer who had a love for life, a passion for fashion and a taste for freedom.


With a huge athletic and celebrity following, Hurley truly is the modern-day sports brand which encompasses all bases from fashion, to comfort, to flexibility and new technology. Designing for both men and women, everyone can buy apparel that is suitable for active pursuits as well as going out, seeing friends or spending sunny days lazing away- a complete embodiment of the Cali lifestyle. Men can choose from a range of sport’s associated pieces such as classic boardshorts and wetsuits. For casual Summer nights, there’ a large range of fashion focused outfits from long baseball thermals to sleek chinos and woven shirts- all keeping the Hurley brand and beach style at heart. Women also have a great range of choices from sports focused wear such as gym gear and bikinis to daytime apparel such as cute sun dresses and boardskirts. With fun prints and patterns aplenty, you’ll be guaranteed to look cool, young and fun in any Hurley piece.

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