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Age Range: 25-40

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Ahh New York New York – The Big Apple! Having brought us some of life’s best comforts, from Sex and The City and New York Cheesecake to the delightful Magnolia’s Bakery, you then go and trump it all by throwing Donna Karan into the mix! Seeking to represent the International pulse of New York across the fashion field, the company is always at the helm of the latest trends. The Donna Karan Collection is based on the idea of a modern system of dressing- Karan’s concept centres around seven easy pieces which can easily be interchanged to create an entire wardrobe that goes from day to evening, weekday to weekend, season to season. It is aimed at creatives who never know where a day is going to take them, as Karan emphasises: “that’s why New York is on the label. It sets the pace and attitude”. We’re getting more excited by the minute…

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Donna Karan collection

The Donna Karan collection is inspired by the life and innate style of the artist, and has it’s namesake woven into every stitch of it’s clothing. It was created to appeal to women’s senses on every level and founded on the intuitive understanding of a women’s needs and desires. This exclusive collection embodies ultimate luxury, sensuality, comfort and creative expression by constantly utilising the finest quality fabrics and workmanship. From dresses to handbags, cashmeres and peg-leg trousers, it’s clear that Karan has injected a sensual expression, sense of security and freedom of movement into all pieces. Understanding the need to combine comfort and luxuriousness, practicality and desirability, the Donna Karan collection strikes the perfect balance; you’ll feel sumptuous and sensual in their cashmere waterfall cardigans and completely desirable yet comfortable in their gorgeous wrap dresses. With a wide range of accessories including bags, watches and shoes, Donna Karan has created a collection with everything you need to pull yourself together and be ready to face the world.

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