cult clothing

Age Range: 15-30

Price Range: $$-$$$


Cult clothing store is – sorry for the pun – a cult fashion brand. Setting up shop in Cheltenham in 1985, they specialised in selling independent clothing labels and vintage style finds. Cult fashion is epitomised by their carefully selected brands, which are cutting edge and designed for customers who value unique, high-quality clothing.

The Cult Clothing/ Superdry love affair

Alongside acclaimed in-house brand Superdy, Cult stocks hot British labels like Paul’s Boutique and Motel, as well as fresh stand-outs, such as Fallen Angel and Cuckoo’s Nest. As part of SuperGroup plc, it has the essence of its own brand Superdry at the heart of everything it does. Fellow brands all fit with their shared ideals which capture elements of urban and streetwear, with designs being pulled from a combination of vintage Americanan, Japanese imagery and British tailoring.

Cult Clothin


The marrying of these makes for a unique brand with instantaneously recognisable fashion. With cool hoodies and lumberjack shirts for the guys, and sweet day dresses and cute cut off denims for the girls – there’s something for everyone at Cult. If you want to add a splash of urban style to your clothing or a bit of edgy street-wear to your basics, then this is the place for you. Guys, mix up a casual lumberjack shirt with sleek chinos and work boots for a cool street style. The ladies can team a cool graphic vest top with some bermuda shorts and flip flops to look urban and chic in the Summer.

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