Age Range: 16-26

Price: $$$

We at Mallzee love Adidas – effortlessly cool luxe sportswear that you can wear at the gym and on the high street, stylish and comfy- our perfect outfit! Their Adidas Originals collection combines vintage inspired designs with their famous logo; think the colourful shell suit jackets from the 80’s with a modern twist. And celebs love their Adidas too. Think Rihanna channeling Ghetto Fabulousness in an over-sized black and white hoodie and leopard print sneaks, or Cheryl Cole wearing the three stripe tracksuit bottoms in her music video Ghetto Baby. And who can forgot David Beckham in their TV adverts sporting the brand, HOT.

adidas photo

Adidas also loves a collaboration collection, with them joining forces with Stella McCartney to design the London 2012 athletes kit. And hey, if it’s good enough for GB team, it’s good enough for us!!┬áIf you’re a gym buddy who loves looking chic at the gym, Adidas is the brand for you. Obviously they specialise in sportswear but their pieces come in some fab colours and patterns to make sure you stand out when working out. With stylish sports bras and patterned leggings you will be to leave the gym and still look fabulous.

And of course their shoes!! Whether you love their high tops or need a pair of shoes to be running about in, Adidas is the perfect brand for this. They even do fun novelty trainers which have fluffy animals attached to them…squee!

Soo… if you love Adidas shop it through and let us give you personal style recommendations uniquely tailored for you. Or on the off chance that our opinion’s just not good enough, get your friends involved and enjoy shopping the new fashion revolution! Over 200 stores- only your favourites – only the pieces that suit you. Job done.