Be a babe in a boiler suit… yes, really

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Well knock us down with a feather; who’d have thought a boiler suit could be so damn chic?? Yes, we said it. That occasionally awkward, often hard to wear yet cool as a cucumber piece is having an utter fashion moment right now. Mossy worked it first, rocking the thrown on, understated look as only the Croydon-girl-done-good can- rolled up, suited, booted and accessorised to perfection with some classic tortoiseshell shades. Charlize went for super sleek, utilitarian style, pairing her light grey denim style with a sporty white watch and some cut out booties. But our absolute fashion fave gold award goes to Dree Hemingway, who perfectly encapsulates the ethos behind the style- laid back, luxurious, fun and ultra wearable. Still not convinced?? Well, read on to find out why this is a summer style not to be missed…

Kate Moss boiler suit

Charlize Theron MiH boiler suit

Dree Hemingway boiler suit

Banging boiler suits

So- think you can’t work the look? Guess again! With some nifty styling you’ll quickly find the boiler suit is your new summer fashion hero. Sharp as ever, the high street are majorly on the ball with this one- offering a great range of styles to suit every occasion and budget. For versatility, style and mostly just because we think it is utterly divine, try this Sessun chambray beauty on for size. Loosen things up by unpopping a few buttons and flashing some flesh- this will break up the block colour and steer you well clear of Babygro territory. Kick on some strappy boots, roll up your hems and you’re good to go.

Urban Outfitters chambray boiler suit

Although heels undoubtedly pull the look together, don’t feel restricted by thinking you have to wear them. For a lazy Sunday, pair your boiler with some sneaks and kick back in style. If you do go for this look, however, consider adding a belt to define your shape and add some detail to your outfit. This black style from River Island perfectly fits the bill, bridging the gap between comfort and style.

River Island boiler suit

If you’re more of a jeans lover, why not take the final plunge and do head to toe denim? Enough of a statement on it’s own, this Mango one piece is a dream to wear- work the look to your best advantage with slick, swept back hair and a pop of red lipstick. Silver accessories complete the look, but keep them understated to avoid those pesky Mr. T references.

Mango boiler suitGood enough for ya? Work a slick boiler this summer and there won’t be anybody pitying your foolish style choices (sorry, we had to…).



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