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Tell us a little bit about why you started Fasali?

It started as a diary, an online diary where I could voice out my opinion about what was first going on in the world. After a while it changed as I started uploading pictures and before i knew it it had turned into a fashion blog.

You’re a stylist. What made you want to get into styling?

It started at Macy’s which was my part time job while I was at Uni studying Business Ad I enjoyed working with clothes and one day my manager asked me to help in a local fashion show – I had to choose and style the outfits for 3 male models. I jumped at the chance and days after I was asked if I was interested in becoming assistant stylist. The beauty of styling for me is seeing that I made a difference to someone, that little spark of happiness and confidence, it might sound rather corny and cliché but that’s the truth.

Describe your style in 3 words…

Classic, trendy, minimal.

Who would you say is your biggest style influence?

My mother, she rocks classics like no one else!

If you could shop with anyone, past or present, who would it be?

Miroslava Duma.

What’s the best piece of career/blogging advice you’ve ever been given?

Be yourself.

How do you see your blog growing in the future?

I’m hoping to see more positive growth allowing a more in depth look at the industry and my particular field. The aim for the blog now and later is to be inspirational. In all honesty it’s hard to tell how the blog will grow, but I will definitely keep working hard and giving it all I can.

Any exciting projects you’re working on right now you can tell us about?

There’s a big project which is still very hush-hush along with a few others. What I can reveal is that I am helping a few independent designers start off and if everything goes right I will be featuring them and some behind the scenes content on their campaign, this should be happening in the next few months.

What’s your biggest blogging challenge?

Blogging consistently – having a full time job, a family and projects on the side it’s hard to blog every day. I’m trying though.

Finally, we’ve all had ’em…what is your biggest fashion disaster?

Wearing too many stripes. Horizontal stripes don’t do much for my body type, it’s all about balance.


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