The Sales Assistant Sessions: Hell for Leather at All Saints

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This week we’re doing it for the boys at as we hit up rock’n’roll classic All Saints.  After collaborating with some of the biggest names in music *cough* Kings of Leon *cough*, there’s no doubt these guys have got the romantically pre-aged look down to a T.  We catch up with Sales Assistant Alex MacNiven who takes us through the must haves for men and reminds us of the importance of subtlety when dressing for guys.

All Saints SAS 2 (2)

Name:  Alex MacNiven

Position:  Sales Assistant

How would you describe the All Saints brand?: In two words – dishevelled chic. It says something but without being too in your face.  We tend to stick to quite a muted palette when it comes to colour schemes so most people associate us with black, greys and whites which makes for a subtle yet versatile look.  Recently we have branched out and experimented with splashes of burnt orange across womenswear but we’re predominantly quite monochromatic-  I think a lot can be said for a darker, more subdued look.

Can you take us through some of your staple items for menswear?: Our leather jackets have always been a popular choice all of which are either Indian, lamb skin, lamb nappa, kid skin or Italian leather.  Two of the favorites are the Cargo biker jacket, a supple leather with a finished wash and added shoulder detail, and the Kushiro biker jacket.  Personal style and size usually dictate which look is best.  Something a bit different we’ve had in this season is the Momoto leather bomber, generally I’d put that with a pair of skinny jeans and a jersey top.


You can’t go wrong with a leather jacket!  Any other must haves for the guys?: 
I’d say our tonic T-shirts are an essential.  Recently we’ve noticed a shift away from the scoop neck and towards the crew neck; these are one of our biggest sellers just because of their versatility.   If you wanted something a little more high end we’ve got the resident crew neck t-shirt which is slightly more fitted and has added detail.


Jeans are another big one, generally speaking all our jeans are quite fitted but if you did want something a little looser any of our Iggy jeans would do the job.   I’m wearing the print cigarette jeans just now which are wash denim, that basically means the more the wash them the more worn they look – which works well for the dishevelled look.  I wear them most days so have to take it easy on the washing!  It’s worth bearing in mind that denim isn’t supposed to be washed for at least six months, if it starts to smell pop them in the freezer to get rid of it – sorted!

all saints 1

As a brand we really try and focus on the little things to give us the edge, for example the studs on these jeans are hand rusted – they’re actually planted in soil until they rust.  For us it’s all about lasting quality so although we do pander to trends we like to bring in pieces that will last that little bit longer, especially for items at our higher end price points like the leather jackets.  We’d want our customers to be able to wear that year after year not just as a passing trend or for a season.

Any summer essentials that we should know about?: You can never go wrong with a denim jacket!  We’ve got them in a range of washes and they all vary slightly so there’s definitely something for everyone.

What’s your favorite piece in store right now?: It’s gotta be the Raydon Leather Shirt I’m wearing it just now.  You could wear it as an actual shirt buttoned up for I prefer it unbuttoned just for the style.

And finally Alex, do you have a style icon?: I do but it’s not a man!  Daffanie McGuiness – she’s an older lady and got this big black beehive thing going on, she has amazing style and holds herself so well.



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