The Mallzee HQ Sessions: Alexandra Humphry-Baker dishes the dirt

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Alexandra Humphry Baker Mallzee


Name: Alexandra Humphry-Baker


Position: UX Designer


Whatcha wearing?: My Top is from Nümph, my black high-waisted skinny jeans are from H&M and my boots were a steal from the Dorothy Perkins‘ sale. My jacket’s from my favourite Edinburgh vintage store, Armstrong’s.


How would you describe your personal style?: I’m drawn to bold lines and any form of geometry. I love dressing up skinny jeans or a tube skirt with an unusual top and am rarely seen without my signature statement necklace…


Favourite place to shop on Mallzee?: Mango for jeans and jackets, Urban Outfitters for their exclusive labels BDG and Sparkle + Fade and French Connection when I need to look smart and black is not an option.


Whatcha up to today?: Top secret R&D for a brand new version of Mallzee that will be coming out later this year…  I really enjoy this part of my job as I get to build a prototype from scratch with no technical limitations and show it to people and then see them in turn get excited- or the opposite. This makes for really enlightening feedback that helps me eventually deliver the right solution that makes our customers happy and excited.


What does your typical Mallzee day consist of?: Being the only designer at Mallzee I get to work on pretty much anything that is visual. So one day I’ll be working on the next version of the app, the next I’ll be designing business cards and flyers and the next I’ll be brainstorming with the team on how we can make Mallzee truly awesome for our users (and take over the world….maybe).


Doing anything tonight?: Hopefully astonishing my flatmate with my mad cooking skills and watching a movie; might try and see that Yves Saint Laurent film.


Any top tips for a wild night on the town?: I’m a total foodie, so I urge anyone who lives in the vicinity of Scotland to book themselves a table at the amazing Timberyard, a gastro restaurant that only serves ingredients supplied by small and local producers. You’ll want to lick your plate but please don’t, you might start something. After that, pop over to Dragonfly for a wee refreshing cocktail and if the bubbles get too much go and clear your head in one of the many clubs along the Grassmarket.


Favourite thing about working at Mallzee?: As I’ve been a part of Mallzee from it’s early days,  it’s been really rewarding to see the evolution of our product. Of course there are a few cringe moments looking back- dodgy font choices, weird app features… However, looking back, Mallzee has come a long way in the past nine months and I know we’ve still got a way to go yet.


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