Blogger Showcase: Laura Budd from A Daisy Chain Dream

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Laura Budd from A Daisy Chain Dream

Hey Laura! Team Mallzee love A Daisy Chain Dream! As such a busy lady, how do you balance working with blogging and everything else in between?

I’m busy but also an obsessive organiser and planner so I set aside time each day to do something for the blog- one day it might be scheduling posts, another will be getting photos for reviews or outfits. I’ve lost entire afternoons to researching content.


You introduced Laura from team Mallzee to the Nutella brownie recipe (which she is eternally grateful for!) can you bring our readers the same joy by sharing the recipe here?

Of course, everyone needs this recipe in their life! All you need is a jar of nutella (the 200g one) 5 tablespoons of self-raising flour and 1 egg. You can also chuck in things like chocolate chips or dried fruit and nuts for extra yumminess and texture. All you need to do is beat the nutella and the egg together until it’s soft and smooth and then stir in the flour (plus other ingredients). Spoon in to 12 fairy cake cases and bake at 180*c for 10 minutes or so depending on how you like your brownies.


We really respect that you’re open and honest with your readers, do you find this difficult?

Yes and no. Easier than it used to be, I’m not ashamed of what I’ve been through or who I am but I do sometimes worry about saying or doing the wrong thing or giving the wrong impression of myself. Generally the feedback I’ve had from readers has been super positive and I’ve had some lovely e-mails from people saying I’ve helped them or made them feel less alone which erases any negatives.


What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given?

It’s not worth it if it doesn’t make you happy.


What are your wardrobe staples?

Looking in my wardrobe right now it’s gotta be flared midi skirts. I go through phases, but right now I’m all about this classy and elegant shape.


What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m an early riser, up by half 5 on a work day. I like a slow start so I drink some coffee and check e-mails/twitter whilst I wake up a bit. I start work at 8am and generally finish at lunch time, or 5:30pm on a Monday or Friday. I could be working on reception at the GP practice or I could be running a clinic taking blood from patients, no two days are the same and I love it! My afternoons are either spent working on blog things or catching up with friends/family/Ben. I like to get an early night so around 8pm I switch off the computer and chill in bed for a couple of hours before turning off the light. Every day involves a lot of food and snacking (of course) and many, many cups of tea.


Finally, we’ve all had them…what is your biggest fashion disaster?

Oh goodness, probably the time I tried disco pants. I just don’t have the body shape for them and despite them being a more than ample size I got stuck trying to get them off for 40 minutes! They didn’t even look that good!



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