50 Shades of Grey inspired relationship problems

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Thought everything was coming up roses for everyone’s favourite fictitious other half, 50 Shades of Grey’s Miss Anastasia Steele? Think again. Turns out she’s got 99 relationship problems of her own to deal with- we’re guessing at least one will resonate…

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When you get to interview your crush

gif swoon


Realising you’re quite into him…

gif face



gif dance


When things start getting… unusual…

gif ooh


REALLY unusual.

gif why?


When it’s too much

relationship problems can't even


When your ex turns up unexpectedly at your graduation

gif why


Giving him another chance

gif ok


When you first hear the words “Red room of pain”

gif wtf


When your BF doesn’t do PDA

relationship problems let me love you


When you’ve done nothing wrong

gif bw


When he finally comes around

gif you

When things go back to normal

gif 50




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