11 things fashion lovers are thankful for

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Holy smokes, it’s only Thanksgiving! To celebrate, we’re counting down the 11 things fashion lovers are thankful for- from technology to good old fashioned hotties.

1- Smartphones, laptops, tablets…

computer gif

For allowing us to share our uber exciting, super classy shenanigans on the go


2- The FROW

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For clarifying our importance in the industry- in the most cut throat manner


3- The high street

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For allowing us to get the look of our favourite designers latest collections- without having to re-mortgage our house


4- Red wine

lipstick gif

For having our backs when our Ruby Woo runs low


5- Wardrobe malfunctions

janet jackson gif

For proving that no matter how much money, stylists and designer friends you have, you can still fall prey to a nip slip or two…


6- Peplums

greedy gif

For helping us hide the post-Thanksgiving/ Christmas/ New Year food baby


7- ASOS male models


You know it.


8- The return of the trainer

hallelujah gif

For mending our stiletto crushed toes


9- Netflix

night in gif

For allowing us to watch constant re-runs of Sex and the City, Gossip Girl and The City. Hullllo fash-piration…


10- Mallzee

dance gif

For basically saving the high street shopping world


11- Sales

shopping gif

For bringing out shoppers real nature



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